Winter biking and walking trails in Oulu.

10.01 2019 by Outdoors Oulu

This is new in city of Oulu! Outdoors Oulu maintains winter biking and walking trails in Kaakkurin liikuntamaa, Meri-Toppila and Hietasaari. Kaakkuri area is mainly for mtb/fatbikers, Hietasaari and Meri-Toppila for walkers and mtb/fatbikers.

Kaakkuri area is already done once and will be maintained next time in January 11th.

Meri-Toppila and Hietasaari will be done first time in January 11th.

Maps for the areas are here–>

Kaakkuri MTB/Fatbike area. Winter trails are inside the red line.

Meri-Toppila park. Red line showns the trails.

Hietasaari/Nallikari area. Red line showns the trail.

Hietasaari area. Red line showns the trail.

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